InkCurves' Scroll Place Cards ...  A " perfect finishing" touch !



The following place card scrolls are available in many colored parchments.  

These place cards stand upright with easel backs. Invitation scrolls are available in units of 10 scrolls. 

Many designs are available to purchase as blank with clear labels to print your guests names and table numbers.  

Call or e-mail us for orders over 300 scrolls. 

A variety of designs ... order blank  or have your guests names and table assignments printed by us.

More designs added each month ... View Our Latest Nautical Scrolls, Roses and Fall Season Designs


Actual Size - 3" x 4"


Monogram Place Card Scrolls Bride & Groom's Sir Name


013-"A" 013-"B" 013-"C" 013-"D" 013-"E"

013-"F" 013-"G" 013-"H" 013-"I" 013-"J"

013-"K" 013-"L" 013-"M" 013-"N" 013-"O"

013-"P" 013-"Q" 013-"R" 013-"S" 013-"T"
013-"U" 013-"V" 013-"W" 013-"X" 013-"Y"


Please indicate the color for your Initial letter on the order form or Contact us, if you need additional assistance at 973-678-3839 or e-mail: spence@


Choose a color for your Initial Letter. Silver and gold are special orders. Please contact us directly for silver, gold, or raised lettering.